The way we develop modern applications is changing right before our eyes. Applications are being developed not just on-prem but also in the cloud. Additionally, not only are developers required to write hybrid code in languages they may not be familiar with, but they are expected to do it faster to keep up with business needs. In response to this shift, developers are increasingly relying on tools like open-source libraries, API code, and infrastructure as code.

These tools also introduce more risk. Because of the speed at which teams are moving there is no time to check sources or vulnerabilities. This leaves companies exposed without them even knowing it. This new way of coding isn’t bad, it’s just new. That’s why it’s important to understand it and how to protect your business from any risks.

In this e-book, we’ll discuss the AppSec considerations that organizations need to be mindful of and some best practices for managing:

  • Applicative code risks
  • Container code risks
  • Infrastructure as code risks
  • Developer AppSec awareness and training
  • AST challenges in MAD

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AppSec Considerations for Modern Application Development