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Checkmarx One 3.0:

Our technical deep dive sessions

Join our experts for a technical deep dive into exactly what Checkmarx One 3.0 can do to help solve your enterprise’s challenges, while continuing to help you build trust across your organization.

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Shift everywhere
to secure APIs

Join our experts for a deep dive into:

  • Explore what it means to be proactive vs. reactive with API security
  • Learn why popular runtime solutions can’t identify shadow APIs
  • See how to scan source code to discover every API
  • Prioritized remediation based on business context
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Secure Your Software (position)-1
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Secure your software
supply chain

Join our experts for a live product demo and to learn about:

  • How malicious actors are using open-source software to target the software supply chain
  • Our new tool and product features that add necessary context for enterprises
  • The impact of generating code with AI tools on the supply chain
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GenAI: The good, the bad and the unknown

Join our experts to hear about:

  • Checkmarx’ AI-powered AppSec vision
  • How AI is impacting development practices
  • Bringing AI to DevSecOps
  • How Checkmarx’ latest AI-driven tools accelerate AppSec
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Build trust with developer experience

Developer experience matters. See how Checkmarx integrates with:

  • Top code repositories to scan code as early as check-in
  • The most popular IDEs your developers are using
  • Common bug tracking tools to put vulnerabilities in the language of developers
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Get the most out of consolidation

Hear directly from our experts about:

  • Top enterprise-specific challenges that our AppSec platform is designed to help solve
  • New platform features designed to help you better prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Demonstrations of our tools that help you get the most out of platform consolidation
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We’re in a stronger position today when it comes to open source supply chain or package threats because of Checkmarx One.

Joel Godbout

Cybersecurity and Networking Manager

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“For the source code analysis, one of the biggest advantages of Checkmarx SAST is that it is super easy to set up a project. We didn’t need to change the structure of the repository.”

Terezia Mezesova

Head of Secure Development Support


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