In the last year, 91% of organizations were breached as a result of a vulnerable app, 69% of them more than once.

That’s what we found when we partnered with Censuswide, an independent research firm, on a sweeping survey of more than 1,500 developers and AppSec managers around the world. We asked them a wide range of questions about their work and responsibilities: what worries them, frustrates them, and reassures them across the modern application development landscape.

The resulting report, “AppSec: The View from Security and Software Development Experts,” reveals a fascinating look at the challenges professionals are facing in software development. Here's a sample of some of our other findings:

  • More than 40% of respondents attributed these breaches mainly to leaks, software supply chain attacks, and known but unpatched vulnerabilities.
  • While 77% of AppSec managers claimed they’re “confident” in their devs’ ability to write secure code, just 28% said they’re “very confident.”
  • More than one-third of respondents agreed that a lack of appropriate, effective AST tools is holding back their secure software development.

Respondents also opened up about barriers to smoother, more efficient processes. These included concerns around cloud security, integrating software security testing into their pipelines, and effective collaboration in a hybrid workplace.

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AppSec: The View from Security and Software Development Experts