Open source software (OSS) increasingly forms the foundation of application development across organizations. It’s a blessing to many devs, but can also create blind spots as security teams are tasked with tracking down vulnerable OSS packages, or worse, outright malicious packages injected into the software supply chain. They need the tools to identify, prioritize, and address these risks before they impact the organization.

This white paper provides answers to the often elusive problems of Supply Chain Security (SCS). It begins with a look at the relationship between the digital economy and OSS, with a focus on why open source software is such a popular attack vector.

It then introduces:

  • SLSA as a framework for supply chain integrity.
  • Discussion of why traditional SCA solutions are insufficient to detect code with malicious intent.
  • A way forward to avoid taking malicious code from strangers.

Supply chain security from a proven leader

The Checkmarx team creates application security solutions trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, including 40 of the Fortune 100. Our SCS solution provides an automated, multi-phase analysis that gives your teams visibility into the health and provenance of OSS, empowering your developers to utilize OSS with greater confidence and code at speed.

To learn more about Checkmarx SCA with Supply Chain Security and how it sets a new standard for software composition analysis solutions, download this white paper today.