In Part 1 of this e-book series, we looked at the basic concepts of modern application development (MAD), including what you need to consider as you adopt it. We also touched on the bigger topic of new security risks that come along with the MAD methodology.

In Part 2, we’ll dive much deeper into these risks with respect to:

  • Open source, including unknown origins and licensing issues
  • Microservices, including complexity and faulty security measures
  • Containers, including low visibility and sensitive data exposure
  • IaC, including steep learning curves and configuration drift
  • APIs, including redundancies, monitoring challenges, and training

MAD offers a stack of benefits, but that stack casts a long shadow. This e-book will help you understand the risks at hand, hopefully giving your organization important intel to help you manage those risks as you adopt MAD in your processes.

Get your free copy today. With Part 1 as a jumping-off point, you’ll be able to use Part 2 to kickstart further discussion around risk analysis and risk management with your team.

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The Many Risks of Modern Application Development: The Risks of Modern Application Development