40 minutes


Misconfigurations of cloud security, Insecure Interfaces and Lack of Visibility are just few of the risks of lack of security in Cloud infrastructure.

Checkmarx One, IaC engine (KICS) together with Solvo are here to help. By leveraging both KICS and Solvo together developers can easily understand the misconfigurations they currently have around least-privileged security policies by first scanning with Checkmarx One, finding the misconfigurations and then leveraging Solvo to generate the tailor-made least-privileged for those.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Misconfigurations best practices
  • How to automate your cloud security.
  • Checkmarx One Integration with Solvo 


Solvo is an adaptive cloud infrastructure security platform that enables organizations to innovate at cloud speed and scale by identifying, prioritizing, and automatically mitigating risks associated with cloud access permissions and entitlements.



Ori Bendet - Checkmarx
VP of Product Management
David Hendri - Solvo
Co-Founder and CTO