API Explosion Will Become a Top Security Priority, Gartner Predicts

Download their report for insight about API sprawl and ideas on effective mitigation

A new Gartner® report includes eye-opening analysis and predictions about API adoption, but this one jumped out: “By 2025, less than 50% of enterprise APIs will be managed, as explosive growth in APIs surpasses the capabilities of API management tools.”1

API sprawl is increasingly becoming a reality among software development teams, and the accompanying security concerns are top of mind for most software engineering leaders, the report concludes. The report is a thorough, insightful look at the overall API landscape and what it will take for software teams to secure their entire API inventory.

Key findings include:

  • “Organizations are adopting diverse types of APIs — internal APIs to represent coarse- and fine-grained service interfaces, data elements, and private and public APIs — at an expedited rate. Software engineering leaders are thus tasked with managing the explosion of both known and shadow APIs.
  • API security challenges have emerged as a top concern for most software engineering leaders, as unmanaged and unsecured APIs create vulnerabilities that could accelerate multimillion dollar security incidents.
  • While APIs have tremendously improved access to applications and services in software architectures, the use of third-party APIs introduces dependencies and failure risks, especially for mission-critical applications.”

Read the report for a full breakdown and ideas on how to secure your API inventory.

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1 Gartner, Predicts 2022: APIs Demand Improved Security and Management, Shameen Pillai, Jeremy D’Hoinne et al., 6 December 2021.

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