Modern software development teams benefit so massively from open source code that they willingly accept the related security risks. But threat actors have taken notice and are increasingly looking to the open source supply chain as a launching pad for their attacks.
It’s enough to send development and AppSec teams scrambling for ideas and solutions—and this eBook offers both. It’s the product of a partnership between Checkmarx and JetBrains, combining our AppSec and software development expertise to spell out some best practices for securing open source code.
The topics include:
  • Writing great code the JetBrains way
  • What makes a great Software Composition Analysis solution
  • What the Checkmarx/JetBrains partnership does to help you regain trust in open source code
  • Take a look at our eBook to broaden your knowledge of the challenges and solutions around securing your open source supply chain.


Hunt down malicious open source code with the global AppSec leader

Checkmarx has taken the lead on securing your open source supply chain, and now our solution is native in JetBrains. It’s one reason we’re trusted by CISOs worldwide and by more than 40 of the Fortune 100.

Read our joint eBook today to find out more.