Amid digital transformation initiatives, the application shift to the cloud has been happening at a historic pace. James Brotsos of Checkmarx and James Ferguson of AWS discuss what this shift means for securing cloud DevOps and what each of their organizations brings to their partnership.

In a interview transcript with Information Security Media Group, Brotsos and Ferguson discuss:

  • The cloud DevOps security challenges;
  • How "shift left" affects the code pipeline;
  • How to deal with emerging risks, such as Infrastructure as Code.
James Brotsos

James Brotsos

Brotsos is a senior solutions engineer at Checkmarx. He has 15 years of network protocol and kernel development experience and a passion for architecting automated solutions that are effective in driving security measures for DevOps organizations, helping them meet their DevSecOps goals.


James Ferguson

Ferguson is an AWS senior solutions architect supporting strategic accounts. He works with the security technical field community helping customers address their security and compliance requirements. With over 20 years of experience, he has worked with customers including LinkedIn, Aon Global and Verizon Global, helping them craft and execute on their five-year cloud plans. He built one of the first low-code platforms for mobile and web environments with SAP and Oracle.



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How to Secure the Code Pipeline