Getting More from your AppSec Education Program- webinar

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John Yeo

Director of Appsec Education Products Portfolio



This webinar is based on the lessons learned from many hundreds of secure development software deployments within various enterprises. Join us for this Checkmarx expert briefing to understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to rolling out Secure Development Education - at scale - as an important component of your Application Security Program.

Regardless of whether your training programs are compliance led or best practice driven, or a combination of the two. We will explore the challenges faced by organizations like yours. We'll provide highlights and examples of innovative approaches to maximize the impact of training used by some of our leading customers and we'll provide practical takeaways in the context of engagement, adoption and learning outcomes for large and geographically disparate engineering/development teams.

Checkmarx AppSec Education Sr. Director, John Yeo, will share examples and stories of successful developer secure coding education programs as well as the types of deployments and roll-outs that work best when it comes to getting the most value for money for your AppSec training dollars.




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About the speakers

John Yeo, Director of Appsec Education Products Portfolio at Checkmarx

John is a former software security tester turned builder of global security testing and incident response teams. He co-founded Codebashing (now part of Checkmarx), focused on training developers Application Security principles through a cloud-based, game-like e-learning platform that developers actually want to play.

Follow @codebashing on Twitter for more developer education news and best practices.