Software Security & Early Prevention of Vulnerable Code - webinar

Troy Hunt

Pluralsight Author and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

Amit Ashbel

Cyber Security Evangelist



Every security conscious technology professional is looking for the quick fix – the one thing they can do to flick the switch from “insecure” to “secure” and certainly there are many organisations out there ready to sell “security in a box” to whomever will pay for it. But the single biggest bang for your buck and the most effective means of securing software is identifying and fixing vulnerable code as early in the development lifecycle as possible. Ideally this means not writing vulnerable code in the first place, or if does happen, fixing it during the development phase before rectification starts getting expensive.

In this webinar, we’ll take you through some of the fundamental principles behind ingraining software security into development teams.

Watch the webinar on-demand to:

  1. Explore the role security education for software developers plays in reducing risks
  2. Learn how static and dynamic analysis can be applied throughout the project lifecycle
  3. Discuss employing automation to streamline secure coding practices

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About the speakers

Troy Hunt, Pluralsight Author and Microsoft MVP for Developer Security

Troy Hunt is a Pluralsight Author and Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) focusing on security concepts and process improvement in software delivery within a large enterprise environment. Troy can often be found speaking at technology events around the world, usually on security and usually showing people just how easy it is to break software on the web today. He is very active in the development space and is constantly producing software on the latest technology platforms we have at our disposal today. Follow Troy @troyhunt.

Amit Ashbel, Cyber Security Evangelist of Checkmarx

Amit Ashbel has been with the security community for more than a decade where he has taken on multiple tasks and responsibilities, including technical and Senior Product lead positions. Amit adds valuable product knowledge including experience with a wide range of security platforms and familiarity with emerging threats. Amit also speaks at high profile events and conferences such as Blackhat, Defcon, OWASP, and others.  Follow Amit @aashbel.

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