What About IAST? webinar

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Amit Ashbel

Cyber Security Evangelist




For several years the term Interactive Application Security Testing (or simply “IAST”) has been brought up alongside the veteran SAST, and DAST solutions. But what is it all about? What makes it interactive and why is it necessary?

This webinar will decipher IAST once and for all. Join cyber security evangelist Amit Ashbel as he explains and demonstrates what IAST is all about while answering common IAST related questions and dilemmas.

Join the webinar to:

        • Learn about the changes in application security that led to the rise of IAST
        • Understand the different IAST methodologies and how they fit in with current testing methodologies
        • Gain valuable insights on when and how best to implement IAST





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About the speaker

Amit Ashbel, Cyber Security Evangelist at Checkmarx

Amit has been with the security community for more than a decade where he carried technical and, product related, lead positions.

Apart from his vast product knowledge, Amit is highly experienced with a wide range of security platforms and is hands-on with emerging threats.

He speaks at high profile events and conferences, including BlackHat, Defcon and OWASP.



For more information, visit his Linkedin or follow Amit on Twitter @aashbel  

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