The Advantages of SAST – WAF Correlation - Whitepaper

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What’s inside

It’s no secret that it’s easier to hack than to protect. For example, for attackers, it’s as simple as finding a single point of entry, whereas defenders need to patch all of the holes. Defenders usually work under tight schedules and budgets, while attackers have no such limits. The way for defenders to break this asymmetry is by using the information they have and their knowledge of their systems to their advantage, and to design and implement a security solution accordingly. This is especially true when it comes to WAF configuration and virtual patching.


Read this Whitepaper to learn

  • How Source Code Analysis (SCA) can produce stronger WAF rules
  • How to leverage the advantage you have over the hackers
  • Exclusive examples and best practice from Checkmarx Founder & CTO Maty Siman

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