AI Security
Symposium 2024

Hear Checkmarx and other industry experts discuss the risks of
AI adoption and how to unleash it’s potential in security.

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Industry Leaders

Watch experts from across the industry talk about how AI impacts every area of security. Hear unique perspectives, learn about the risks, and gain practical advice on how to AI can help make security easier.

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Trevor Young CPO

Security Compass

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Shira Shamban CEO


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Ori Bendet VP of Product Management


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Loris Degioanni CTO and Co-Founder


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James Ferguson Principal Security SA


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Itamar Golan CEO

Prompt Security

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Tom Malka Head of Cyber Research

Rakia Group

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Sounil Yu Co-Founder


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Rob van der Veer Senior Principal Expert


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Maty Siman CTO & Co-Founder


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Jossef Harush Head of Supply Chain Security


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Ariel Levanon VP Cyber Security


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Maura Pintor Assistant Professor

Università degli Studi di Cagliari

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Dan McInerney Lead AI Threat Researcher

Protect AI

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Jason Haddix CEO & Hacker

Arcanum Information Security

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Dani Goland Founder

Cloudsec LLC

Preston Thornburg Founder

Invasion Research Group


Securing the Applications
Driving Our World

Checkmarx is the leader in application security and ensures that enterprises worldwide can secure their application development from code to cloud.
Our consolidated platform and services address the needs of enterprises by improving security and reducing TCO, while simultaneously building trust between AppSec, developers, and CISOs. At Checkmarx, we believe it’s not just about finding risk, but remediating it across the entire application footprint and software supply chain with one seamless process for all relevant stakeholders.

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