45 min

Checkmarx is a leading supplier of application security testing software, but that’s not the point of this MeetUp. Our focus is to show you how we took a complex piece of heavily bespoke engineering and completely re-architected it to work seamlessly with AWS services. In the process, we were able to autoscale engines to lose about 90% of the bespoke code and ended up with a cloud architecture that was robust, easy for a customer to implement, and that worked considerably better than what was there before.


During this MeetUp, we’ll discuss:

  • The Checkmarx and AWS partnership
  • Deploying and scaling Checkmarx on AWS
  • Integrating Checkmarx into your AWS-powered software build pipeline
  • The benefits of using AWS marketplace for procurement

Join Ben Stokes, James Brotsos, and Robert Haynes from Checkmarx for this informative deep dive on re-architecting Checkmarx services for AWS cloud.

Ben Stokes - Checkmarx
Professional Services Manager
James Brotsos - Checkmarx
Developer Advocate & Product Manager
Robert Haynes - Checkmarx
Product Marketing


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