August 5, 2021


10 AM PT
~30 min

Did you know that Checkmarx is now on AWS Marketplace?

Companies face rapidly changing customer demands—both internally and externally—and the ability to innovate faster while reducing costs is critical to meeting these challenges. To achieve these goals, teams need easy and quick access to the resources that fit their requirements and scaling needs. To simplify these transactions, many organizations are shifting software procurement processes to cloud marketplaces.

Join this half-hour videocast to learn how AWS Marketplace and Checkmarx help DevSecOps teams purchase the solution they need to secure their software and how procurement teams can better manage software costs, license visibility, and governance. In this session, we will reveal Checkmarx & AWS new bundle and pricing. 

During this videocast, we’ll discuss:

  • What is AWS Marketplace
  • How to unlock budgets during financial uncertainty
  • How Marketplace works with consulting partners
  • AWS/Checkmarx custom terms and pricing
  • New and Exciting AWS-Checkmarx Bundle 


Who should attend?

CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, VPs of IT, DevOps Managers, CFOs, CEOs, Procurement Officers, Sourcing and Vendor Management Leaders, AWS EDPs, Owners, and all software professionals looking to explore synergies and efficiencies through Marketplace.


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Join Gideon Kreiner from Checkmarx and Matthew Girdharry from AWS for this fireside chat about Checkmarx and AWS Marketplace.

Gideon Kreiner -

Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances
Matthew Girdharry -
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

WW Leader, Marketplace for DevOps, Observability, & Security


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