On-Demand Webinar

30 Min  

Instead of finding and fixing vulnerabilities towards the end of the SDLC, organizations need to make security seamless for developers from the start, within their DevOps initiatives. This includes integrating and automating application security testing (AST) solutions within the tools developers use to provide fast scan results while they’re developing code. This approach provides immediate feedback and closes the loop with bug tracking and ticketing systems. AST solutions must be embedded throughout DevOps to keep security in mind at every stage to fundamentally change the way applications are developed.

Watch this episode of the “On The Road to DevSecOps” series to learn from a group of DevOps experts about how to make security part of your developer workflows.


Watch this session to learn:

  • Changing the shift-left mentality to more of a shift-center approach in the context of DevSecOps
  • New approaches to seamlessly integrate and automate AST into your development ecosystem
  • Recommendations on how to create a closed-loop strategy from repo to ticketing
  • Strategies for just-in-time developer security education to drive continuous improvement

Session Participants:

Stephen Gates - Checkmarx
Senior Solutions Specialist
Cindy Blake - GitLab
Sr Product Marketing Manager and Security Evangelist
Tim Bach - AppOmni
Vice President of Engineering
James Brotsos - Checkmarx
Product Manager – Developer Experience