45 minutes

The need for effective AppSec these days is about as debatable for most software teams as the need for oxygen. What many fail to prioritize, though, is putting in place a strategic, well-organized process to manage their overall AppSec activities. This can lead to situations where the success criteria, roles and responsibilities, and AppSec testing processes are unclear, and the testing tools are not properly integrated.

The result is often that AppSec activities are fragmented, various stakeholders are frustrated, and the expected return on investment never materializes. This webinar will cover this crucial need and introduces the Checkmarx solution: AppSec Program Methodology and Assessment Framework (APMA). It’s an innovative program that:

  • Incorporates your clear goals and objectives
  • Clarifies your team’s roles and responsibilities
  • Offers low entry barriers
  • Works with Modern Application Development approaches
  • Addresses different stakeholder positions, such as developers, CISOs, and AppSec management

We hope you’ll join Dr. Carsten Huth, our global director of AppSec, and EMEA Lead AppSec Advisor Shelly Paramel for a detailed case study and discussion of the issue and a look at our APMA solution.


Dr Carsten Huth - Checkmarx
Global Head of AppSec Advisory