December 1st, 2021


The financial services sector is experiencing significant and sustained disruption. As established institutions strive to service the demands of the digital native customer generation, they face strong competition from a swarm of agile FinTech market entrants – the banking monopoly is over. Innovation is table stakes as traditional banks work to develop their own new products and services. The impact of the pandemic has added greater urgency as conventional customer channels have been disrupted and the shift to digital banking accelerated.

Here at Checkmarx, we solve that issue daily. As one of the world’s leading vendors of application security testing solutions, we have been improving the security of software in the private sector for years.

That is why we want you to join to our session that examines the changing software development landscape in the financial services sector. It explores the threats and practical challenges faced and the key considerations for financial services organizations aiming to lay strong foundations for a secure future.

Leader of this session:

Edwin Lee - Checkmarx
ASEAN Director
Barnabas Tan - softScheck
Technical Manager