45 Min  

To keep up with the fast pace of releases and the speed of DevOps, organizations need accurate and automated security testing tools that can easily scale and produce actionable results.

Historically, AppSec programs were characterized by the use of SAST and DAST tools. Fast forward to 2019 - While SAST is able to fit fast and iterative development processes, point-in-time DAST is slow and manual, rendering it as unfit for DevOps-like processes.

This is where the new generation Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) comes. So what the heck is IAST?


Watch this session to learn:

  • What is IAST?
  • How does IAST differ from DAST and SAST?
  • The difference between Passive IAST and Active IAST
  • What to consider when choosing an IAST solution

Join our experts as they unriddle the next-generation AppSec solution - IAST