Managing Software Exposure: Time to fully embed security into your application lifecycle - Special Report

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What’s inside

In the early years of software development, you would often design it, build it, and only then think about how to secure it. But given today's fast-paced environment, this is no longer practical. 


In a recent online survey respondents were asked questions about the changing shape of software delivery and where security fits into the picture. The study, conducted in collaboration with The Register news site, delivered some very interesting results.


Read the joint report by Checkmarx, FreeForm Dynamics, and The Register outlining the biggest barriers to security software today within the DevOps cycle. Download the special report to learn more.



  • Discover where study participants felt the software security gap was most pronounced- people and processes or tools and enablers
  • How people are rethinking software security and the kind of processes and tool required to integrate it into the software development lifecycle
  • If the majority of respondents felt that software security is a boardroom level issue

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