Open Source Cookbook -
The Ultimate Guide to Software Composition Analysis

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Open source software has facilitated the rapid evolution of application development and shortened development cycles. As with any new advancement in technology, there can be risks associated with open source components, which organizations must identify, prioritize, and address. Open source vulnerabilities can leave sensitive data exposed to a breach, complex license requirements can jeopardize your intellectual property, and outdated libraries can place unnecessary support and maintenance burdens on your development teams.


A way to reduce these risks is to add Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to your software kitchen (so to speak) to complement the software security tools that are most likely already in use. The real key is to select an SCA solution that can be fully integrated with your software development tools, supports internal and external standards for risk tolerance and compliance, and gets detailed insight into the hands of people who need it.


  • This eBook is designed to help organizations, management teams, security practitioners, and developers understand (SCA) In-depth.

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